A team of medical professionals, several universities, millions of dollars, and 30+ years of clinical research. 

95% Long-Term Success Rate

The Concept:

Spine Shape Change

Every person will eventually experience spine-related symptoms in their life, and it's usually caused by spine shape change or deformation.

Wolff's Law

Time & Pressure can change the shape of any bone or tissue. There is enough time and pressure to deform your spine while sitting hunched over a computer for long hours, or sleeping in a sagging mattress.

Neutral Position

After years of studying the curves of the human spine, we've identified the "NEUTRAL"position for each joint and ligament to keep you protected from deforming forces and injury.

Before & After

While the spine can be variable in shape, our assessment technology  identifies loss-of-curvature that cannot be faked or posed. In only 6 weeks, shape correction begins to take hold.

95% Success Rate

95% of patients and clients who meet and keep our 4 goals, control their aches and pains for the rest of their lives without needing addictive medications or surgery.