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Your patients deserve more than opioids and temporary remedies. 

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Spine Shape Assessment

Structural imbalance can lead to 46 spine-related symptoms. Our program identifies and corrects spine shape deformities.

Analysis Report & Tracking

You can't manage what you can't measure. With our scanning software, we can provide progress reports for you and your patients. 

Back & Neck FIRST AID

The MySpine Program will empower your patients to care for their aches and pains using clinically-proven methods.

Teaching & Training

We teach and train your patients to meet 4 specific goals that address their symptoms without addictive medications.

Exercise & Rehabilitation

We provide the tools necessary to restore spine SHAPE, STRENGTH, MOBILITY, & PROTECTION.

Orthopedic Protection

These tools includes custom-fit lifestyle products that are used every day to keep your patients protected against spine deformity.

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***The MySpine Program is NOT chiropractic or traditional physical therapy.***