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95% Success Rate

Over the course of 35 years, our patients and customers have found long-term success restoring a better postural balance and spine shape, improving strength and flexibility, and elevating a higher quality of life.


Hazel // 89 Years Old

Hazel // 89 Years Old

Hazel // 89 Years Old


Started MySpine Program October 2019.

Hazel suffered from pelvic, ribcage, and bowel related symptoms in addition to ongoing back aches. 

She eliminated her symptoms within 3 weeks. 

Her walker had to be adjusted to accommodate in her improved upright stature. Internal organs were being compressed by falling ribcage, but now function more normally.

Gary // 48 Years Old

Hazel // 89 Years Old

Hazel // 89 Years Old


Started MySpine Program March 2004. 

Gary was a tall 6’8” maintenance worker who sustained a blow to the head. Two years of traditional care brought no lasting relief, leading him towards disability and early retirement.  He achieved his MySpine Program goals within five weeks.  

Gary returned to full-time work. Follow-up evaluation across the following eight years confirmed symptoms and function remained satisfactory as long as he protected his upright stature.  

Ann // 25 Years Old

Wayne // 40 Years Old

Wayne // 40 Years Old


Started MySpine Program September 2018. 

Ann is a young nurse who had a history since her teen years of painful hunching deformity. She had worn a back brace for years without success. 

She dramatically improved the deformity and diminished discomfort within six weeks! 

Wayne // 40 Years Old

Wayne // 40 Years Old

Wayne // 40 Years Old


Started MySpine Program September 2001. 

Wayne is a dentist who suffered from acute low back pain, and paralyzing pain from recurring rib dislocation that commonly occurred while he was injecting upper molars. He bartered with a chiropractor for manipulation 2-3 times per week for over two years. He finally sought a cure rather than a repeated short-term remedy.  Wayne met his program goals in four weeks, achieving symptom control and restored function that continued through his last follow-up in 2011.

FREE Posture Scale Included w/ Program

"You can't manage what you can't measure" 

To help assess your spine's health, and to track your progress, we will ship you a FREE MySpine Posture Scale!

Never before has there been such a personalized, interactive, online program that empowers you to take control of your on-going back and neck issues. We are committed to your success, and therefore, work hard to bring you all of the tools required to ensure your improved spine health. 

The MySpine Posture Scale is a revolutionary assessment tool that helps you measure the following:

  • Spine Shape & Curvature Outline
  • Postural Lean
  • Stature Height
  • Overall Sagittal Index Score